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    Our new studio is open! Located across from the campus of Oklahoma State University and The Original Hideaway on Knoblock Street in Stillwater, we are thrilled to join the other businesses at Campus Corner.

    We have lots of exciting things in the works in addition to the new studio...including a new website. But more importantly our schedule for the spring & summer is filling up quickly. Call today to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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Congratulations to Adrienne Blakey who was just elected State Reporter for the Oklahoma FFA! Her accomplishments are many and I’m proud of who she has become…especially since I’ve known her for her entire life and was an FFA girl myself. Creating portraits to commemorate her senior year was an honor.

Adrienne will be attending Oklahoma State University in the fall, serving the Oklahoma FFA, representing Oklahoma at the Distinguished Young Women National Finals in June, and probably modeling for Brink Models in between. Without further ado…Stillwater High School Senior, Miss Adrienne Blakey…enjoy!

41-Blakey-Adrienne_Beadles-Portraits-Stillwater-OKAdrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016Adrienne Blakey Senior 2016

One of the things that I (Heather) love to do is sit down with my clients to dream about what their portrait could be. I want to learn about your family and relationships, hear about your home design, colors and interior style, I want to talk about clothing and give you lots of examples of what kinds of clothing makes a great portrait. Besides, we all know that moms stress about pulling all of the clothing together! We are here to help!

When I know that my clients are interested in hanging a portrait art piece on a particular wall, we can design it to fit the style of the room as well as help you figure out the appropriate size for that wall space. Talk about custom and personal service…I love getting to know my clients!

Here’s an example of a client’s Mixed-Media Painting after it was designed, photographed, hand painted, finished and installed in their home.

First…the hand painted photograph…

Jarman_Beadles-Portraits-Stillwater-OK copy

Then after the inks were inlaid into the canvas and mounted on stretcher bars, and after it was hand painted with acrylic brush strokes and oil brush strokes and after it was lacquer coated and framed, it was installed exactly where we designed it to go…gorgeous.


And finally, some details of the hand painted canvas.

HVB_0248 1_Beadles-Portraits-Stillwater-OKHVB_0254 1_Beadles-Portraits-Stillwater-OK

Design Consultations are the starting point of our Portrait Experience. If you are interested in commissioning portrait art at Beadles Portraits, call to schedule your complimentary Design Consultation! We’ll show you all the styles and finishes in person…which is much better than the internet!

Call today!


Exciting things have been happening at Beadles Portraits! Not only have we been in our new Portrait Gallery & Studio on Campus Corner in Stillwater, OK for a year, we also are featuring some new painted portrait finishes.

Hume_Beadles-Portraits-Stillwater-OKOur Mixed-Media Renaissance Portraits are a beautiful way to blend several mediums to create a stunning painted art piece for your home. Families who love and collect art are particularly drawn to these pieces. Heather starts with a camera to capture the true likeness of each family, and then transforms it into a painting by using a digital brush to hand paint the entire portrait. Once finished, the brush strokes are gorgeous and the photograph has become art! After the inks are inlayed into the giclee’ canvas, our artist hand paints the canvas with acrylic gels and oil paints in color. The result is a stunning piece that families will love and cherish for many generations to come.

Here are examples of some of the Mixed-Media Renaissance Portraits we have painted…but remember you can’t see the acrylic and oil brush strokes on the internet. Schedule a Design Consultation in our Gallery and we’d love to show you more!

Because Family is Your Masterpiece


This little guy’s newborn portraits were so incredibly special. After a series of miscarriages, Max’s Mom & Dad were thrilled to welcome him into the world. He is much loved and they are so grateful…there were tears of happiness! I was honored to create portraits of Max and his Momma Laura.


  • Pamela VothApril 20, 2016 - 11:10 am

    Beautiful, Heather.

  • Pam Ledbetter VothApril 20, 2016 - 4:09 pm

    Oh my…what a precious baby. Happiness and beauty to last forever.

  • Sherry BradenApril 22, 2016 - 10:09 pm

    These are awesome!